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Updated Monday January 13, 2014 by West Houston Girls Softball Association.

Important dates

When does registration start and end?

It is different for each season, but registration usually begins at the end of the previous season and it ends on opening day of the current season. Exact dates will be posted on the website.


When does draft take place?

Draft typically takes place 2-3 weeks before opening day. There is only one draft per division. Exact dates are posted on the website.


When will I find out what team I am on and who will be our coach?

Your coach should contact you with 24-48 hours after your draft.  


When will practices start ?

 Practices will begin as soon as your coach is able to set a schedule and contact all the players on the team.



How are team rosters selected?

A draft will be held for each division. This is to ensure that all teams are evenly weighted with experienced and new players. Players will come out to the fields on the designated date for her division and run through a few drills for the coaches. Once all the players have completed the drills, the coaches will meet to select their teams.


Can I play with my friends (tag alongs)?

We typically do not allow tag alongs except for girls who live in the same household. We do understand that there are extenuating circumstances and we will consider these on a case by case basis.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes, but on a limited basis.


How much is registration?

Please refer to the website under 'Registration Information'


What if I want a refund?

Our goal is to be flexible and fair.  Any reasonable situation which arises, we will respond to.  We ask for you to understand our needs of a time frame wherein we can fairly respond.  Once teams have been formed and uniforms ordered, barring highly unusual or unforeseen circumstances, refunds will not be issued.


Games and Practices

When do you play games?

All of our games are played on Saturdays except games that need to be made up due to rain-outs. We also hold a tournament at the end of the season and some of these games are played during the week as well. 

When do you practice?

Coaches are allowed to hold 2 practices per week, one of which will be held on a field. The practice days are determined by the coach.


What rules does WHGSA use for softball divisions?

A complete list of rules can be found on the website under 'Downloadable Forms & Files' but in general we follow ASA Rules with a few minor exceptions. 


How competive are games in WHGSA?

We strive to have a competitive league.  In all divisions, we keep score, keep standings, have a playoff and give trophies to acknowledge the winning teams.  At the same time, it is common to have first time players at every level.   


My daughter has never played before.  Is it too late for her to start in this league?

Not at all.  We have new players sign up for all age levels each year.  This is a competive league but we also are about developing players including teaching girls that have never swung a bat to be good softball players. 


What equipment will I need to provide my daughter?

The league supplies basic equipment including batting helmets, bats, balls and catcher’s gear however you may choose to purchase these on your own. Included in the registration fee are: uniform, socks, ASA registration, insurance, and umpire fees.   You will need to provide:

  • Softball Glove               
  • Helmet (Recommended for sanitary reasons)
  • Cleats (Recommended, but no metal cleats allowed)    




How can I help out?

There are many ways!  Each team needs volunteers and your support is key to ensuring a successful league for the team. Your fees do not pay any salaries – we are all volunteers! Here are positions you may consider:  Review and make sure this is applicable to your group…

  • Head Coach or Assistant Coach: Primary role is to teach the girls
  • Team Parent: Administrative right arm of the Coach ensuring that non-operational tasks required are supported and that the league communication loop is open to all parents.
  • Dugout Parent: Assist theCoach in the dugout area during games and be responsible to ensure the welfare of the girls.
  • Scorekeeper: Maintain the game records for the team during each game
  • Field Prep: Drawing baselines and equipment set-up/storage (training available)




How much does each team need to raise?

Each team is required to raise $350 to be able to play in the tournament at the end of the season. This is to cover umpire fees and operating expenses of the league. This can all come from one sponsor or multiple sponsors.


Can we raise more than the amount required?

Absolutely! Any amount of money raised/sponsored exceeding the $350 requirement will be divided between the league and the team with 25% going to the league and 75% going to the team. Please refer to the website under 'Downloadable Forms & Files' for more information on what the sponsor money can be used towards.


Where can I find a sponsor form?

Sponsor forms can be found on the website under 'Downloadable Forms & Files'. The form breaks down the different levels of sponsorship and what the sponsor receives at each level.




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